Blended Learning Data Analysis - LearnPlatform

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(Jan Faraguna, Rocketship Education) #1

Has anyone worked with or know anything about LearnPlatform (or LearnTrials) ?

Let us (@jboots) know.

(Leo Bialis-White, Schoolzilla) #2

I can’t speak from personal experience, but we (Schoolzilla and Harvard CEPR) explored learntrials when thinking about what the Proving Ground could and should be. Are y’all exploring these options?

(Larry Jerome, KIPP DC) #3

Hey @jfaraguna,

We are working with Learn right now. I’d be happy to talk, or connect you with our personalized learning experts that are working with them as well.

(Jonathan Stewart, Education for Change) #4

I’d love to learn more about your experience with LearnPlatform as well.