Calling Austin-area data champions!

(Vanessa Palmer, Hiawatha Academies) #1

Hi all,

I’m heading to the Tableau conference in Austin next week (November 7th - 11th), and I’d love to meet up and talk shop with other data champions. If you’ll be in the area, please get in touch!


(Chris Anderson, Schoolzilla) #2

Thanks for sharing @vpalmer! @alex_orsini @niisai_sai @tpajakowski @jboots anyone from your teams going to Tableau Conf. again this year? Unfortunately there won’t be any Zillas making it this time around, but I hope you all can get together while you’re all in Austin!

(Tpajakowski) #3

Caleb ( is attending for us.

(Sarah Shoff, Schoolzilla) #4

@Erin_Palkot Is anyone from your team going to Tableau Conf this year? Sounds like there may be other data champions in attendance.

(Erin Palkot, YES Prep Public Schools) #5

@vpalmer All the YES Prep Analytics & Assessment team will be there! Hopefully we can meet up on Wednesday at the event night, if not before.