Congrats to St. Louis Public Schools on their Full Accreditation!

(Mariel Matze, Schoolzilla) #1

A huge congratulations to St. Louis Public Schools on their full re-accreditation from the Missouri Board of Education last week. As one State Board Member put it, "This is an exceptional day for Superintendent (Kelvin) Adams and his staff, but mostly for the students and teachers who worked every day for this result.” @jessica put it similarly after having watched this hard work firsthand: “a decade’s worth of work is behind this big win for the hard working leadership/staff and most importantly the kids in St Louis.”

Way to go, @colette_owens, @Cheryl_vannoy, David Hardy, Dr. Adams, Sheila, and the rest of SLPS’s team. We’re cheering alongside these SLPS students!

(Chris Anderson, Schoolzilla) #2

This is such amazing news - congratulations to everyone at SLPS!

(Lisa Lacroix, Ladue School District) #3

Yes, a big congratulations to everyone at St. Louis Public and at Schoolzilla who helped with this accomplishment. As another district in the St. Louis area, we are thrilled when our neighboring schools and students are succeeding!