Data & Analytics Project Manager, Pre-K for All

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Pre-K Data & Analytics Project Manager

52 Chambers Street New York, NY

Position Summary: The Mayor and the Chancellor have committed to providing a universal Pre-Kindergarten system in New York City that provides every 4-year-old with high-quality, full-day Pre-K. Every student in NYC should have the foundation of skills, knowledge, and approaches to learning needed to succeed. Evidence demonstrates that quality Pre-K contributes to student achievement and other long-term benefits. The Division of Early Childhood Education (DECE) administers Pre-K programs for NYC students in public elementary schools and New York City Early Education Centers (NYCECCs). DECE provides families access to high-quality early childhood options that prepare their children for success in school and life. Together with families and programs, DECE ensures that children are engaged, nurtured, and supported with the tools needed to develop into independent learners and creative problem-solvers.

The Pre-K Data Team Project Manager will assist the Deputy Executive Director of Data & Analytics with project management, administrative tasks, resource creation, and related reports and communications. This position requires strong project management, communication, and analytical skills to drive improvements in data analytic tool building and strategic processes. This position will work within the data analytics team and across multiple teams and outside partners to ensure that data analysis, systems building and supports are successfully completed on a timely basis. Performs related work.

Reports to: Deputy Executive Director, Data & Analytics, Division of Early Childhood Education

Direct Reports: N/A