Data-Driven CT: Sharing Strategies for Using Data to Run Great Schools

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(Mariel Matze, Schoolzilla) #1

On July 20th, Data Champions from across Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts gathered to discuss how they’re using data to move the needle for their students.

For your reference, our presenters have agreed to share their slide decks with you.

Testing Commonly-Held Beliefs with Data
Bethany Silver, Ph.D, of Bloomfield Public Schools

Data on Purpose: Using PSAT/SAT Data to Improve Teaching and Learning
George Michna, Ph.D, of Bristol Public Schools

Data Visualizations to Support Literacy Efforts
Matt Hladun of Queensbury Union Free School District (@mhladun)

Ask Bethany, George, and Matt questions-- or loop in other attendees-- by using their handles (@first part of email). Has anyone does similar work at their schools? Is anyone hoping to do something similar?