Edward Tufte Data Viz Course in Bay Area this month

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(Mariel Matze, Schoolzilla) #1

Bay Area Data Champs,

First, if you’re looking for PD opportunities, look no further than Data Champion Summit. :slight_smile:

BUT if you’re looking for even more PD opportunities, you all might be interested in this course with Edward Tufte, data visualization guru, in a couple weeks.

Not education or Tableau-specific, but maybe useful for general data visualization skills.

If anyone decides to go, please ping us here so you have the option of meeting up with others working in a K-12 context.

@jboots, @amanda_gonzalez, @david_roth, @Angelina, @alexxawebb, @cormac_harkins, @mdickel2, @jstewart, @rvanherk, @ashah (feel free to loop in colleagues who might also be interested)

(Angelina Garcia, Envision Schools) #2

Very cool! Would you believe I signed up last week! My Director of Development read all the books and highly recommends.

Angelina Garcia, Data and Assessment Manager

(Mariel Matze, Schoolzilla) #3

No way, @Angelina! Which date will you be there?

(Lisa Lacroix, Ladue School District) #4

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information is one of the two required texts in the Data Visualization course I’m currently taking at Northeastern University. It’s a great book. I wish I were in California and could attend the conference!

(Angelina Garcia, Envision Schools) #5

Wednesday, 12/14. Anyone else?

(Luke Neff, Newberg Orgeon School District) #6

@fuhrmannm and I went to the one day Tufte course when he was in Portland. We had a good day and learned a lot that helps set the vision for our Schoolzilla and Tableau work. I’d definitely recommend catching it if you get the chance.

(Jan Faraguna, Rocketship Education) #7

Anyone know if charters can get the discounted price?
Love his books. Any other thoughts on if the workshop is worthwhile?

(Mariel Matze, Schoolzilla) #8

Hi @jfaraguna, I haven’t taken any Tufte courses myself but found a couple reviews here and here. Granted, they are outdated, so please share with us if you find more current ones.

@rhowell, have you taken any of Tufte’s courses?

(Lynzi Ziegenhagen, Schoolzilla) #9

Hi Jan — my husband took this course a couple of years ago, and his review is aligned with the first one Mariel posted, unfortunately. “I was disappointed. He fills an auditorium to the brim and gives a long lecture, which I can’t recall having added anything to the content of his books. His main points I can recall are: put more raw data in your visualizations and avoid chart junk.” My husband also said that Tufte said during the training that he is not a creator, just a critic, of visualizations. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Lynzi

(Mariel Matze, Schoolzilla) #10

@Angelina, what did you think of the workshop? I’m eager to hear-- I’m sure others on this topic are too.

(Angelina Garcia, Envision Schools) #11

@mariel_matze It was good I left encouraged to bring the concepts to Envision. I agree with one of the reviews, a lot of it was a history on visualization and some stuff around presenting in general. I walked away with a lot of little lessons to bring into my work with Tableau and SZ and feel refueled to produce better reports with good content. I think most Data Champions could just get the books and get the same lessons.

(Mariel Matze, Schoolzilla) #12

Glad you enjoyed, @Angelina. Sometimes all it takes are a bunch of “little lessons” to bring renewed inspiration to your work. Did you have a favorite little lesson you’d be willing to share? I’m so curious!

@jfaraguna, see Angelina’s thoughts above on Tufte’s workshop, in case you were still considering for the future.

(Mariel Matze, Schoolzilla) #13

Tufte’s coming back to the Bay Area. If you’re local and interested in attending, details below!