Four Keys to Driving a Successful Change Management Strategy

(Laura Sexton) #1

Measuring the success of your change management initiative is critical in determining its effectiveness. Change management in education can be very difficult, whether you’re at a single-site charter school or a large traditional district. Bi Vuong, the former Deputy CFO of the School District of Philadelphia (which she called “the District”), spoke at Schoolzilla’s Data Champion Summit. Vuong, now the director of Proving Ground at the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University, shared her own experience defining desired outcome measures and identifying the leading indicators necessary to drive the District’s strategy and improve enrollment. Click here to read the full blog post.

For those of your working to implement your own change management initiative in your schools and/or district, we’d love to hear:

- What problems is your organization working to solve?
- Do you have a strategy and outcome measures you have identified?

View other resources to support your change management initiative:

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