How to Hold the Best Data Day Ever

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(Sarah Shoff, Schoolzilla) #1

Leading a data day (or any session that relies heavily on data) is no easy task. From preparing an effective presentation, to delivering the session with relevant and timely content, to following-up with attendees to ensure data conversations are continuing well after the session has ended. In this webinar recording, attendees will learn effective strategies to help guide their next data session, whether they’re presenting to a large group or hosting a one-on-one meeting.

Topics include:

  • Reviewing three key stages for planning and executing a data session
  • Observing best practices from other schools on leading successful data days
  • Learning from other organizations as they share strategies for facilitating successful data conversations

Watch Schoolzilla’s “How to Hold the Best Data Day Ever” webinar:

Slide deck here: How to Hold the Best Data Day Ever - May 2017 Re-run.pdf (6.1 MB)

Webinar: How to Hold the Best Data Day Ever