LCPS Data Analyst, Lighthouse Community Public Schools

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THE ORGANIZATION: Lighthouse Community Public Schools
Social justice movements come in all shapes and sizes. Here at Lighthouse Community Public Schools, we are engaged in an educational movement that goes beyond our classrooms working to disrupt educational inequities by providing our students and families exceptional educational opportunities every day. Grounded in our core values of community, integrity, agency, love, and social justice rooted in EL Education Model, LCPS is a leader in fostering innovative schools achieving exceptional student outcomes where each child is at the center of their own learning. Our mission is to prepare diverse students for college, a career of their choice, and to be lifelong changemakers.

Founded in 2002, LCPS operates a high-achieving K-12 public charter school, and our K-8 sister site, Lodestar, that opened in Fall 2016; serving nearly 1,000 students in East Oakland. Lighthouse is a beacon for public education and our graduates fulfill the promise of a better, brighter Oakland. 95% of our graduates, almost all of whom are first-generation college students, are accepted into four-year colleges. We were named the Hart Vision Charter School of the Year in 2013, and the #1 high school for closing achievement for low-income Latino students in 2016. If the work we do here at LCPS appeals to your values regarding quality education for all then please join our movement! Learn more at

The realization of our mission to prepare students for college and career requires that administrators, teachers, and students have access to powerful student achievement data to guide. Use your technology and data expertise to improve educational outcomes for students in East Oakland. The primary responsibilities of the Data Analyst include ensuring that data systems are functioning and that principals and teachers have access to timely data on student achievement, in service of LCPS’s mission and vision.


  • Mission and Core Values Focus.: Inspired by our mission and belief that all students can achieve, the Data Analyst models the LCCPS’ values of community, integrity, love, social justice, and agency.

  • Data expertise and accuracy. Possesses a high level of data analysis expertise, and the ability to translate that to a school environment.

  • Data system design, maintenance and optimization. Able to design efficient data systems, maintain systems with updated data, and optimize processes across stakeholders.

  • Communication. Consistently demonstrates effective communication in both written and verbal forms.

  • Agency. Establishes and works towards deadlines independently and with a high level of autonomy.

  • Student Data Systems Management

  • Create and maintain systems for collecting identified instructional and intervention data to support program development and student achievement.

  • Create and maintain tools and reports for school leaders and teachers using current platforms and dashboard that empower them to make data‐driven decisions and answer high­ leverage questions.

  • Oversee the set-up and ongoing maintenance of student information in various platforms including Powerschool, Schoolzilla, Illuminate, and Jumprope.

  • Supporting setup of instructional platforms and integration of data from key platforms (NWEA, CAASSP, TOMS).

  • Assess current data system structure and make recommendation, and oversee the implementation of more efficient systems in collaboration with Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment.

  • Collaborate closely with site based operations and technology staff to ensure smooth functioning of student data/information systems.

Data Reporting

  • Maintains integrity of data and manages reporting (e.g., CALPADS, OUSD Reporting, OCR,) across LCPS.

  • Provides full range of academic program reports generated or supported by various software programs.

  • Support Director of Data & Assessment to track progress toward academic program outcomes and complete various compliance reports.

  • Oversee development of data reports and visualizations for school plans including LCAP, WASC, Charter School Reporting (MPOs).

  • Support site ­level and organizational staff in accessing data for various reporting needs.

  • Create powerful data visualizations to surface trends and insights to a variety of stakeholders based on data.

  • In collaboration with other stakeholders, ensure the integrity of data and student information and the validity of all data presented to staff and external partners.

Supporting Site-based Staff

  • Oversee integration of data collection from internal and external sources on regular reporting cycles to support data-driven decision making by site and shared services staff.

  • Provide training and support for site-based operations, instructional leadership, and front desk staff on how to set up and utilize data and assessment platforms for site and program needs.

  • Interface with administrators, teachers, and other school staff around data needs, data collection and reporting systems related to the academic program.

  • Train and support organizational and school­-based staff to effectively and efficiently use school data platforms, including but not limited to: Schoolzilla, Illuminate, Powerschool, Jumprope, NWEA, to ensure consistency.


  • Knowledge of data processing, student information, learning management software (Schoolzilla, Illuminate, Powerschool).

  • Knowledge of data collection and reporting as related to educational agencies (CALPADS, OCR, CDE).

  • Ability to develop data tables, visuals and reports; administer controlled access to relational databases; and prepare custom reports and analysis of instructional data.

  • Must have experience working with data from various types of student assessments required by the state.

  • Must have experience working with large data sets including data analysis, interpretation, and display.

  • Must possess technological proficiency using Microsoft Office Suite with emphasis on Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Experience with G-Suite Google products preferred.

  • Must have experience using SQL or related database query tools to access and manipulate data in a relational database management system (RDBMS).

  • Maintain a high degree of confidentiality, flexibility, initiative, innovation and creativity.

  • Belief in and alignment with LCPS core values.

Time Commitment

This is a 1.0 FTE, ­exempt position. The schedule for this position is in accordance with the school calendar, including approximately five weeks off during school vacations/holidays and two additional weeks off determined in conjunction with manager.

Reports to: LCPS Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

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