Making the transition from paper packets to Data Wall

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(Sarah Shoff, Schoolzilla) #1

A number of you have efforts underway to transition to Data Wall from hard copy data packets. I’ve heard a few ideas around that transition that I wanted to share here:

  • Enlist the help of leadership. For example, principals in one district previously helped distribute and lead discussion with teachers about their paper data packets. This year, principals will get access to their own version of the data packet on Data Wall, and they will lead that same conversation with teachers using the reports in Schoolzilla.
  • Explain the impact of live data. Having access to live data requires a huge mental shift from paper packets. People get used to waiting for the paper packet to arrive to start looking into data, and they aren’t used to thinking about reports as interactive. Get your team excited by the possibilities of fresh data and interactive reports!
  • Check for understanding. Are people accessing the reports regularly? Ask a few of your power users what they love, and also ask folks who aren’t using the reports what would help make the reports more useful.

Do you have other ideas and strategies?

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@cvelarde, @suzi_king, @Erin_Palkot Anything else to add here?

@mhladun I know you went through this last year. Any other tips to share?

@caroline and @jessica This is coming up a lot with the start of the school year quickly approaching.