Mosaic Under the Hood

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(Storey Sitwala, Schoolzilla) #1

Jeremy (@jeremy), Heidi (@heidi) and I so enjoyed sharing the latest on Mosaic District Progress Monitoring with you-- thank you for coming and thank you for your engagement.

If you’re interested in learning more about Mosaic, here’s where to turn next:

  • This session’s slide deck (NOTE: this session’s intended audience is current Schoolzilla users. If you’re not a current Schoolzilla customer, please contact us here and we’ll curate more relevant materials for you): Mosaic Under the Hood Summit 2017.pdf (2.3 MB)

  • Your Impact Manager: @caroline, @sarah_shoff, and @jessica can give you lots more information, especially around how Mosaic may or may not fit within your specific organization’s data work.

  • Mosaic documentation: check out more information at this topic

  • Learn about Schoolzilla by watching @jason’s Meet Schoolzilla session

  • Post below: reply on this topic if you like-- we’ll follow up with an answer!