Position Opening - Portland ME - SIS/Database Administrator

(Jane Hornickel, Schoolzilla) #1

Student Information Systems / Database Administrator for Portland Public Schools

SUMMARY DESCRIPTION OF CLASSIFICATION: The Student Information System(SIS) Administrator directly manages the district’s SIS and database. The Administrator Manages system support for the district community, is responsible for end-user training and establishing data integrity standards for the district schools. This administrator is responsible for establishing district report matrices and supporting all aspects of the strategic use of SIS data at district, state and federal levels.

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  • Maintain and provide daily system administration of the Portland Public Schools student information system

  • Coordinate with teaching staff and school administration of the Portland School in order to fulfill their SIS system and data requirements.

  • Establish Data format standards to ensure data integrity

  • Prepare district student information system for school year roll outs and finalize year end requirements

  • Oversee Online Student registration working with school registrars

  • Provide training and support for Portland Public Schools implementation of the student information system and other demographic and assessment data systems

  • Works with the Data Team to identify data needs to be added to the student information system via user defined fields, or other mechanisms, create the necessary fields,and import the data

  • Contribute data-related aspects to the standardized testing processes

  • Oversee the development, support and maintenance of data integration and facilitating data exchange between Infinite Campus and other district programs/applications including reporting for external agencies

  • Support the District Data Team, administrators and staff of Portland Public Schools

  • Organize and disseminate data to staff on an as needed or requested basis.

  • Design, develop and implement imports of external data into the Infinite Campus database, using SQL scripting as needed.

  • Work with the Technology and Academic Departments to support Portland Public Schools data centric technology projects and initiatives

    • Oversee the development and maintenance of documentation and training materials to ensure quality data entry and use of the student information system
    • Schoolzilla, the Maine DOE State, Follett Destiny, Clever, etc.
    • Write SQL scripts to analyze data integrity, export data, or to populate data fields depending on relationships to other data within the system.



  • Advanced data programming skills including SQL Database

  • Experience with PHP and SQL scripting technologies.

  • Demonstrated advanced experience with student information systems.

  • Expertise with state and federal SIS reporting requirements

  • Broad-based knowledge of data management systems.

  • Excellent analytical skills, including a strong ability to communicate insights from data that school-based people can understand and take action on.

  • Highly effective collaborator, including the ability to work well with a diverse range of stakeholders.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Commitment to customer service satisfaction.

  • Top-notch technical and organizational skills.

  • Ability to work with people in an instructional support capacity and in a school setting.

  • Commitment to the district’s mission and a strong belief in the district’s comprehensive plan goals: achievement, whole student, equity, and people.


  • Degree in Information Technology or demonstrated experience with data systems.

  • Demonstrated expert knowledge of database systems

  • 3-5 years experience with Standard Query Language (SQL), and database management

  • Experience with common student information systems used in Maine, specifically including Infinite Campus.

  • Experience with other student performance data systems, such as NWEA, NECAP, and SAT is preferred.