Progress Monitoring in Action & Mosaic Deep Dive

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The world’s most successful education systems help schools establish cultures of continuous improvement and track progress towards key goals — easier said than done.

In this webinar (recording below), we share key take-aways from working with Saint Louis Public Schools, Novato Unified School District, Alameda Unified School District, and others on district progress monitoring. In addition, we provide a deep-dive tour of Mosaic District Progress Monitoring, and field questions from the community.

Also, here’s another webinar we hosted in January, with a deeper focus on our progress monitoring learnings and take-aways gathered through many discussions with school districts across the country over the past few years:

Both webinars feature report populated with fake data for demonstration purposes.

Have follow-up questions? Post them below in the comments, and folks from our product team will provide answers ASAP!

This webinar builds on content from our last webinar, Achieving District Goals Using Data-Driven Performance Management. Click here to watch the recording and learn more.

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