Report Idea - Students At Risk for Engaging in Violence

(Suzi King, Montrose County School District) #1

Our district is looking to add a flag to Infinite Campus. I would like to call it “Needs Extra Love”. We are looking to flag students who are at risk for engaging in violence. Risk factors could include the following: Using hate speech/ threats (behavior block), ADHD (attendance block), learning disorders (attendance block), early aggression k-5 (behavior block), substance misuse (behavior block), social/emotional (maybe more narrative or MTSS information), Grades, Attendance.

This has all stemmed from the idea that maybe we can help prevent student violence if teachers or administrators knew who might be at risk for violence and gave them some extra love.

To add this flag, we would need a report in Schoolzilla of students who exhibit one or more of these risk factors. Since most of this data is already found in Schoolzilla, it would be doable.

Does anyone else have a need for this type of data?

(Lynzi Ziegenhagen, Schoolzilla, PBC) #2

Thanks for this idea, Suzi. I would love to be able to support schools in supporting students. Is anyone here working with organziations (research or program or other) that support teachers and others staff in identifying students who need more supports? Anyone have a link to research that supports using certain factors or not others?

(Suzi King, Montrose County School District) #3

Lynzi -

Here is the link to the CDC’s site:

Our Restorative Justice Coordinator suggested this site as well as the following article: