Simple Strategies to Spark and Maintain Engagement in Data

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(Adam Black, Schoolzilla) #1

Sarah (@sarah_shoff) and I were honored to spend some time talking about best practices for getting your colleagues engaged in their data.

As you head back to your districts to spark that engagement, please post your successes (even if they seem small) below. We love hearing those stories-- and it might help a fellow data champion do the same!

In the meantime, we’ll leave you our session materials below, for your reference:

(Mariel Matze, Schoolzilla) #2

@jillian_roth, I noticed you liked @adam_black’s post. Recording below for your reference-- and others out there who might be working on data culture. :slight_smile:

(Jillian Roth, Lighthouse Community Charter Schools) #3

Good noticing @Mariel :wink:
This was my way of saving this for later use!
In lovelution…