Summit 2017: Mission Driven

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(Mariel Matze, Schoolzilla) #1

We’re so excited to announce that Data Champion Summit 2017’s theme will be… Mission Driven!

Mission Driven describes a fundamental quality of this community: a passion for empowering educators to leverage data to inform timely decisions. Those decisions ultimately support student achievement and development, especially for students from underserved, low-income communities.

In other words, everyone in this community is here for the kids.

That quality will be the centerpiece of Summit 2017. We’ll have:

  • All of you!
  • Student musicians, presenters, and artists
  • Community awards highlighting special achievements
  • Keynotes and sessions on data and mission
  • Mission-driven vendors

So tell us: What’s your organization’s mission? Your personal mission? And how do you stay connected to it?

(Chris Anderson, Schoolzilla) #2

I’m so excited for Data Champion Summit’s theme of Mission Driven this year! I wanted to highlight some of our amazing mission-driven partners, who will be helping to make Summit extra special this year:

Bay Area Urban Debate League

Get ready for some of the Bay Area’s best and brightest student debaters, who will be debating data use in schools at the end of day 2 (March 8th)! BAUDL’s mission is to “expand opportunities for high school and middle school students in the San Francisco Bay Area to participate in evidence-based debate and to become articulate and informed leaders in their schools and communities”.

The Town Kitchen

We’re excited to welcome The Town Kitchen, who will be providing delicious and nutritious food, drinks and snacks throughout Summit! The Town Kitchen’s vision is to "create community through local food; a community where low-income Oakland youth can shine; a community where we will introduce under-served youth to talented chefs & start-up entrepreneurs, so they have the skills and network to pursue their future."

Oakland School for the Arts

We’ve partnered with OSA on a t-shirt design contest, to support their Visual Arts program and showcase amazing student work at Summit. More details to come, get excited :smile:

(Mariel Matze, Schoolzilla) #3

In line with our theme of Mission Driven, we’ll be holding our first ever Data Champion Awards this year! These will honor Schoolzilla partner organizations for data work that pushes impact for students forward.

  • Most Data Usage: data teams that have successfully driven significant increases in data usage at their organizations

  • Best Data Strategy: data teams who have employed careful planning, creativity, and empathy to empower their end-users with data

  • Community Leader: individuals who have jumped at the chance to connect, support, share with, and learn from their colleagues, whether online or in person

If you’re currently using Schoolzilla at your school district, make sure you come out to Data Champion Summit– you might be one of the Data Champions our community celebrates this year!

(Mariel Matze, Schoolzilla) #4

And the awards go to…

  • Most Data Usage: the KIPP DC team (@edmund_han, @laura_aragon, @larry_jerome, @angela_morgan and others) for the most report views over the past year from end-users. We’re so curious: what reports drove this much interest?

  • Best Data Strategy: the YES Prep team (@Erin_Palkot, @marc_ybarsabal, @shaina_bielaz, @Sarah_Beauchamp and others) for their innovative use of trendy stickers to positively incentivize data usage among end-users. Share a picture if you have one!

  • Community Leaders: to Jonathon Stewart of Education for Change (@jstewart) for his willingness to ask questions, share perspectives, and connect here on the Hub and to Gloria White of Wiseburn Unified / Da Vinci Schools (@gwhite) for sharing her work with the Southern California and Northern California communities and at Summit this year.

(Edmund Han, KIPP DC) #5

Our most used reports (according to Tableau Server) are the dashboards we built for our advisories (these tend to be dashboards and one pagers that pull from multiple sources to give more comprehensive information about kids in the advisories), and I’d say this is pretty much the theme for us… reports that cross domains to help with insights that look beyond just attendance, just grades, just test scores. To that end, though, the work we are probably most excited about both for now and for the future is around a new Early Warning System (EWS) dashboard and one-pager that we built this year (v.1) that brings attendance, behavior, and course performance together (based on research by Balfanz - which I’ve posted about before here) to help our intervention teams flag kids early for possible intervention needs. There are a lot of things we want to do for v.2 next year, but we’ve laid a pretty good groundwork for usage/familiarity this year with our schools, particularly our social workers.

(Mariel Matze, Schoolzilla) #6

…reports that cross domains to help with insights that look beyond just attendance, just grades, just test scores.

+1 to that and another big congrats on the traction you’ve built so far!

For those interested in EWS, here’s the conversation I believe @edmund_han is referring to here on the Hub-- chime in if you like!