Syncing rosters across platforms?

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(Caroline Galindo, Schoolzilla) #1

Hey Data Champions,

Is anyone else struggling to keep rosters across multiple platforms updated and in sync? Some of our folks are manually updating rosters in Illuminate, ST Math, MAP, and Liveschool each time something changes in Infinite Campus. Has anyone figured out how to automate the process for any of those platforms?


(Mariel Matze, Schoolzilla) #2

Clever aims to help sync a lot of roster data from SISs to applications like the ones you mentioned. Infinite Campus is supported, as are NWEA MAP and Liveschool. Have your folks tried it, @caroline? Was it helpful in this particular case?

(Caroline Galindo, Schoolzilla) #3

Thanks, @Mariel! Do you know if Clever works when the district controls the SIS? This is MNPS-CMO-related.

(Mariel Matze, Schoolzilla) #4

@caroline, ah, I see. I believe Clever has a file upload option as an alternative SIS connection method to their API. It’ll take a series of .csv files pushed to their system, provided they suit the required format. If the org(s) you’re thinking about are able to automate that process even without direct control of the SIS, that might offer some of the sustainability they’re looking for.

Here’s Clever’s helpdesk article on SFTP syncs. It might also be worth a call to their support team: (800) 521-6516 to double-check whether this would fit the bill.

Good luck!!

(Caroline Galindo, Schoolzilla) #5

cc: @lkoenig! See note above.