Tips for Hiring Data Champions

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(Mariel Matze, Schoolzilla) #1

Hi all,

I’m drafting a tip sheet for hiring data champions for Schoolzilla’s blog and wanted to get your collective input. Doesn’t have to be long or revolutionary-- the little things are helpful too! :smile:

1. Justifying the investment to your organization: How did your school system justify the cost of a data champion? What types of financial savings have you been able to realize? Where have you saved others’ time?
2. Writing job descriptions: What titles do you use to describe this type of position? What do you do to make your job description stand out?
3. Publicizing positions: Where do you post and why?
4. Interviewing candidates: What qualities are on your rubric? Which questions are your favorites? Who does the candidate meet with?

Lastly, let me know whether I can quote you in the blog itself-- I’d like to give you credit if you’re comfortable with it!