Visualizing stakeholder survey data in Mosaic & Tableau

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(Caroline Galindo, Schoolzilla) #1

Hi, Data Champions-

We’re finding that more of you are beginning to research surveys to administer to your stakeholders, as well as ways to best visualize the data in Mosaic or in your own Deep Dive/Tableau reports. Two questions:

  • Which surveys have you found helpful? For which stakeholder groups?

  • How have you decided to visualize the reporting? More specifically, we know that surveys can generate quite a few insights. How have you decided on high-level metrics or aggregates that help stakeholders focus on a streamlined set of results? How do folks have access to more granular data?

Thank in advance for sharing!

(Jillian Roth, Lighthouse Community Charter Schools) #2

We currently use Panorama for survey administration and visualization for students, families, and staff. I’d love a more efficient way to summarize key data points in tables, which I’m currently doing via Excel (calculations) and Word (easier to format).

In lovelution…